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Branding is more than just a logo.

Logo design is just one part of your brand identity, but that is just the beginning. Our team will help you develop a brand strategy that is unique will get your visual identity in front of your prospects.

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You Need Brand Identity Now more than Ever Before.

With an ever-changing economy and social climates, strategic brand strategy and planning are more than necessary to stand out from your competition. From print to digital, to visual productions, making sure your brand is consistent across all platforms can be overwhelming and difficult. Doesn’t matter if you are starting from square one or already have a logo in place, our branding team will take you through the complete process, taking you from an idea to a visual identity that will help your brand to succeed.

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Keeping your Business Brand Identity consistent over multiple multimedia platforms is paramount.

Make sure Your Customers know and recognize YOUR COMPANY through all the competition. We can develop a plan and manage the process for you so you can focus on what you do best.

Working with our team of professionals we will walk you through the process of making sure your brand stays consistent where you need to show up.

We start our initial meeting with discovering your needs and that align with your brand strategy. We can help with developing a name, develop a compelling mission statement, logo design specific to your color pallet that can be spread over to print as well as digital content.

Our team can help design packaging, executive brand rollouts with all the printed materials needed, as well as branding guides and employee brand training to make sure your brand identity is shared the way you want and according to your brand strategy. We are committed to our clients and their business success.

Our Process

Strategy Brand Review

Before anything is created, our team will start at the beginning gathering an understanding of your plan and strategy. We want to ensure your brand stays consistent over all your multimedia platforms digitally, and in print.

Creative Process

After we understand what your vision looks like, our team will begin drafting different versions for you to chose the best fit for you Brand identity. After a few rough drafts and revisions, we will then start drafting the colors to your theme and beginning creations of all the media channels requested.


This is my favorite part of the process, taking all the hard work and making it all come together in a visual presentation that showcase's your Brand identity all in one place. You will see your vision come to life by a branding style sheet so your brand states consistently the same, period.

How We Developed Calvary's Vision.

2022_B2022 calvary baptist church logo design comparison sheet of six differnet logos to chose from used for their branding campaignTM_Client_Calvary_Online_Brand_Logo_choices
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2022 calvary baptist church logo design brand style sheet of their selected logo with three dots and lettering styles to be used for their branding campaign and website design

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Recent Work.

What's Next after Logo Design?

We are glad you asked! Our team continues building out your brand strategy to get in front of your ideal clients showing why you’re the best choice. With a professional custom designed website tailored specifically around your digital brand strategy and identity your clients have a consistent place to find your business digital 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year. 

Website Development

Your website is your lifeline to your business in this day and age. It is where your consumer understands your brand as a whole. Let our team build your customized website that will align with your brand strategy and house all of your multimedia digital content that tells your business's mission story working for you 24/7/365.

Social Media

If your business is not on social media, you haven't missed the boat just yet. Social platforms are intimidating and a lot of work, which is why most business owners overlook this ocean of potential. Your consumers are there looking, which means you should be there to allow them to find you. Our team of experts can create a social strategy that will put in you in front of more clients.

Brands We Have Developed.

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