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Steve Turbeville Lighthouse Ministries during an interview
Play Video about Steve Turbeville Lighthouse Ministries during an interview

Our goal at Birch Tree Media, is to focus on your company, your message and develop a digital solution to solve your need.

No matter the size of your company, marketing budget or business plan, the team here at Birch Tree Media takes the upmost care to listen to you and your companies needs. Just getting started? GREAT! We can help craft a custom digital plan to get you off to a great start. Already have a marketing person or team but just need help on a specific project? Say no more. We are Ready to Help you Succeed! 

Hey Pastor.
We can help.

Do you need help clearly explaining your church’s mission and message? Is it time to bring your digital content strategy back to life and more relevant to today’s audience? Let’s talk!

Play Video about Rafa Santos Lakeland Ceramic Coating testimonial sharing his experience

New Case Study

Lakeland Ceramic Coating

Discover how Birch Tree Media partnered with Lakeland Ceramic Coating, a leading provider of automotive ceramic coating services, to revitalize their brand presence and captivate their target audience. Through an extensive process that encompassed keyword research, market analysis, team consultations, design planning, photoshoots, video production, and custom web design, we delivered a turnkey solution that allowed Lakeland Ceramic Coating to focus on their core business while we handled their brand development needs. Dive into our in-depth case study to explore the step-by-step journey and learn how Lakeland Ceramic Coating emerged as a standout brand in the competitive automotive industry. 


Brand Development

Branding is much more than just coming up with a name and logo. We help develop a strategy and a plan from start to finish to make sure your Brand gets off to a great start.

Video Production

In an on demand fast paced world, video is now more important than ever to push your brand ahead of your competition. Videos can give your consumer more information about what you do faster and more efficient.


High-quality professional images that capture your brand correctly are not only needed but necessary. Set yourself apart from the competition and let our team of professionals assist you. From high-definition executive headshots to corporate events, our team is ready to get the job done right the first time.

Graphic Design

Keeping up with your Visual Brand Identity strategy, our team of graphic design professionals can make sure that you stay consistant and on message. From print material to digital created content and everything in between, our team will create everything you need so your brand will stand apart from the competition.

Website Development

Your website is your lifeline to your business in this day and age. It is where your consumer understands your brand as a whole. Let our team build your customized website that will align with your brand strategy and house all of your multimedia digital content that tells your business's mission story working for you 24/7/365.

Social Media

If your business is not on social media, you have missed the boat. Social platforms are intimidating and a lot of work, which is why most business owners overlook this ocean of potential. Your consumers are there looking, which means you should be there to allow them to find you. Our team of experts can create a social strategy that will put in you in front of more clients.

Don't just take our word, Listen to what others have to say about working with our team.

Steve Turbeville Lighthouse Ministries during an interview about client experience with Birch Tree Media
Play Video about Steve Turbeville Lighthouse Ministries during an interview about client experience with Birch Tree Media

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Digital Content Custom Tailored to fit your Brand and your target audience to get the results you want, PERIOD.

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